Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I've got my other lens back, it had been broken for a while because i dropped it, really stupid but yeah, so i'm quite excited to take more photos again. I also got a laptop for Christmas and my birthday so i dragged it everywhere my whole holidays. Although I never did anything on it because i had too much fun. I've never had such strong feelings of not going back to school and I feel pretty terrible right now, i'm really tired but i still have to do some homework, i almost fainted just now. It's really stupid but i get really scared when i don't feel good, it's just that i'm never sick, or never, i just don't see myself as sick when i have tummy ache so i just go to school then. But enough nonsense here are some snapshots I recently took.
In the Dom of Köln.

hundreds of locks with names of couples carved in them and the Dom of Köln in the background.

just a snapshot of one of the walls in my room

a snapshot of my new shoes

my desk, laptop, the german rolling stone and some posters on the wall.


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  2. poster Radiohead*-*

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